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Friday, December 14, 2007

What's New For 2008

Oh I so love the new year! It gives us the chance to freshen things up, change, embrace a clean slate, and move ahead! I wish you all a superb 2008!
With that being said, I have many fresh changes that are sure to bring a smile to your face. I will show you my favorite first.

This is the new gallery mount. Your image is heat fused to a 3/4" beveled board with a black or white border, then coated and textured. It comes ready to hang with no need for a frame. This is my most favorite image of my children so I decided to order one of these in a 24X36! This one pictured is an 11x16, a gift for my mother and father in law for Christmas. ( I hope they don't read my blog!!!) My new one should be hanging in my office within a couple of weeks, so feel free to stop in to take a look.

More New Stuff
*All prints 11x14 and larger will now be luster coated and mounted on art board.

*Wall Display Options will now be included with your proofing gallery. These will help you decide how to arrange your new photographs in the most artful and decorative way. I will offer a 15% discount on images ordered in the display option I present to you.

This is an example of a wall display option with one 20x20 and four 10x10 images.

*PHOTO HANDBAGS are Here!! These are so FUN and CUTE!!!! Here are a few examples:

These start at about $150. Your image is printed directly on the fabric which is a very durable microfiber. I hope to have one of these soon to be able to show off to you!!

My prices are changing quite a bit, too, but you knew they would have to go up eventually! You can check out my website under the details/ investment for a full line up of 2008 prices.

I am now offering $25 off your session fee if you book by January 15th for February or March sessions. (I am already booked for January, except for newborns under two weeks old.)

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Merry Christmas!

I hope you are all celebrating the season with great joy and thanksgiving. I know that I am! I have had such a great first year in business and feel so thankful for so many of you who are wonderful friends and clients. Have a Very Merry Christmas!!
(This is my new favorite picture of my oldest daughter. It recently won a weekly hot pick at SOAPhoto and received 2nd place in BetterPhoto's monthly contest. (This was my first ever WIN at BetterPhoto, an international contest with over 35,000 entries every month!)

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Tis the Season!!

Christmas is upon us! And cards are still available to order. They come in 5x7 with white envelopes and can be press printed flat, folded, or printed on photographic paper. Once you choose a design it will be retired for 2007 so your card will be completely custom and totally unique!

5x7 Press Printed Folded cards, pack of 24..... $85

5x7 Press Printed Flat Cards, pack of 24......$65

5x7 Printed on Photographic Paper, Pack of 24....$45

These are just a few for a design appointment if you would like to see more!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Now booking for January 2008 sessions

I am all booked for 2007. Call now for January sessions!!!
I will accept bookings for December if you have a newborn that is 0-14 days old!!

NYC with the Pixel Chicks

I am a member of a small group of amazing women portrait photographers who I had the privelege of spending the weekend with in NYC. We attended the PhotoPlus Expo where I found lots of new and interesting products many of which I will soon be offering to clients...check back in a few days for a sneak peak!! We had some delicious dinners, spent some time photographing each other and bits of the city, and did a wee bit of shopping. Thought I would share some pictures of these LOVELY ladies!!
Photograph by Laura Stetser
Laura Stetser, Megan Peck, Julie Monacella, Denise Snyder, Me, Candy Avera

Candy and her Homies

Candy Avera

Megan Peck

Laura Stetser

Denise Snyder

Julie Monacella

Me, Photograph by Laura Stetser

Laura shooting the Chicks

Me, Photograph by Denise Snyder

Friday, September 28, 2007

Calling All Seniors

Check out my new Grad Zone under the Galleries Tab on my website. I know most of you need to get your photos into the yearbook in October or November and I am filling up fast! Call today to book your session!!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Chrismas Specials Coming Soon

Yes, I know it has been 80 degrees here this week, so it's hard to imagine Christmas is coming! Keep watch for Christmas card specials and mini sessions at The Rocks in mid November.

I will not be booking sessions in December except for newborns- so book now if you want to get a session in before the end of the year. I am already booking into mid November and have only a few dates left!!!!

Winners for August

"A Dog and His Boy" Finalist, this is David and his dog Bailey

Finalist, - Grace in her back to school outfit

"Central Park Pop" Winner, People Category: Ella on our trip to New York to see my Kodak POTD

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I've been Tagged...

My Photographer friend Megan has tagged me to tell 8 things about myself. So....let's see..

1. I am a Believer in Jesus Christ. I hope to be the kind of person that honors Him, and I hope that it's the biggest part of me.

2. I swore I would NEVER (never say never!) drive a mini van. BUT - I have one and don't tell anyone- I actually like it. It has those cool power doors and seat warmers!!

3. Shopping might be my favorite thing to do. Said, but true, I love it.

4. My favorite book is East of Eden. I love to read but I haven't had much time lately for reading. I am about to start "Professionalizing Motherhood" which comes highly recommended by my good friend Heather, who, like me, never thought she would ever be a Mom. I was a career woman!!

5. My guilty pleasure is Desperate Housewives. Only one more week to the season premier!

6. Like popcorn to Megan I could eat pizza every day, three times a day, for snacks too and probably not ever get sick of it. I like plain old cheese!

7. I have two regrets- that I never played the violin or fiddle, and that I didn't continue to ride horses and become good enough to jump them in shows!

8. When I was in high school I was the lead in two of our high school musicals. I sometimes wish I had done more acting and singing as an adult.

There you have it. I wish it were a bit more exciting!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

And Now for Something Completely Unrelated to Photography

Watch this video, seriously. If you need a visual on Christ's love for us, this will do it. WOW.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Something New

I recently experienced Jesh DeRox's website. And when I say experienced, I mean EXPERIENCED. He has a truly original style, full of passion and emotions of all kind. (His link is to your right) Anyway, this work made me want to experience with unusual colors, textures, and borders in some of my images. So far, these are the only two I have done, and I love them both. If you would like any of your own images turned into a unique piece of art by adding texture and border, please let me know. At this time, there is no additional fee for this service. Yayy!!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Better Photo Finalist for July

This is Emma- doesn't she have beautiful eyes? Thanks for being such a wonderful model!

Friday, August 31, 2007

It's Been Awhile!

I haven't been very good lately at keeping up with my blog- I have been BUSY in the greatest sense of the word. I love to be busy, but I really love to be busy when my schedule is filled with photography! I have had the opportunity to meet some amazing families this summer- I will share a few images from the many sessions I have had down below.

Summer is over, so there is a bit of sadness in the air this week. As crisp and sweet smelling as autumn is, it always signals the end of something fun and the beginning of something hard. It means back to school, and homework and crazy schedules, and the hardest of all- the long, harsh New England weather. With all that being said I am going to do my best to savor the autumn and remain present in it this year. I really want to appreciate the beauty of the White Mountains as they turn every shade of gold and red and green and light the mountainsides on fire with color. I am going to try! For now, here's a recap of these last few weeks of summer!

And there's still more but I am running out of time! I will post more later!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Kodak Picture of the Day

This has to have been one of the most thriling things to see- ever! When Kodak chooses a POTD, they go all out- posting your image - and your name- on the gigantic jumbo tron in Times Square!!! We made the trip to NY to see it in person, and it was worth the trip!

Congratulations to Sydney Wilhelm for being the star of this image!

Seeing the Big Apple

Eating Pops in Central Park

Their first cab ride

In Central Park

Our hotel

I LOVE NY! What an amazing city! We took a three day tour of the city, and wow, we needed at least 2 weeks to see all the things we wanted to see. We were able to shop at the world's largest Toys R Us, eat at the ESPN Zone in Times Square, tour the Museum of Natural History, and best of all- we got to see the LION KING!! I can't wait to go back!

Sneak Peek: Mya and Kyara

Aren't these two little cuties! What personalities!!