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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I Have a FABULOUS Secret! {New Hampshire Children's Photographer

Ssshhhhh...Don't tell Mom. This is a belated Mother's Day Present. Is that not a FABULOUS secret? From a FABULOUS girl and her FABULOUS Dad? Okay, image overload here because even after choosing these 8 images for the blog, there are still at least 30 more FABULOUS images to choose from. Miss FABULOUS M, you are beyond FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!

And before you enjoy these I need to say one bit of business: My Saturdays are BOOKED through the end of July. I still have weekday sessions open in June and July, so if you want a summer session don't wait to book because I can't promise that there will be any sessions left when you call!

And don't forget about the Open House on June 13th at the new studio. The space is FABULOUS as Miss M showed here so FABULOUSLY.

This one was a collaborative effort with Dad, better known as Glenn Norris of Glenn Norris Photography. He set this shot up, I exposed and pressed the shutter.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Progress {Lake George, NY Family Photographer}

Check it out! This is my new brilliant light abode- I just can not believe how gorgeous the light is in here. I am pumped!

Here are a couple of shots of the new place. It's a work in progress, but a little happens every day. What do you think? Lookin pretty good, heh?

And some test shots, well, lots of test shots. I am getting to know this beautiful light in this new space. And my beautiful children have been so psyched up for me that they have blessed me with at least 10 whole minutes of their time for me to shoot them this week. How great is that?

The coolest thing about this new space is that I can incorporate beautiful fabrics, pillows, textures, and all kinds of great design elements into your session. These will be portraits you want to hang - really really BIG- on your walls.

So, I really want to shoot a baby not yet walking but sitting up, in the new place. If you have a sweet little one that meets those criteria, I will give a free session to the first one who calls me. 603-991-8282.