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Monday, July 27, 2009

Six Pounds of Sweetness

I am really done having babies. I mean really done...or so I think...then I meet Sweet Tiny Little L and I begin to question my resolve to check "complete family" off my to- do list. *Sigh* You are with me, aren't you Moms? Just LOOK at him!

This is the one right here that made me go, Now THAT looks just like Dad!!! Don't you think Carissa?

This baby came from this beautiful baby bump not too long ago.

Mom and Dad, there are tons and tons of images that I just LOVE- so hang tight, there's lots and lots more to come!

BTW, my new blog IS coming soon, but my blog designer is in the middle of having her just hang in there a little longer and I will get back to my normal posting. (Prayers going out to Laura Mitchum!!) You will see more of my work on Facebook, search Allison Fuller Gaulin and send me a friend request if you would like to see more!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Hang On {Glens Falls Family Photographer}

New Blog Coming Soon. Just wait for it.
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