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Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Studio {NH Family Photographer}

Have you ever made your dream come true?

I'm about to.

One month to go and I get to move into the studio. Pinch me...

To celebrate I've created a brand new very affordable (and still custom) STUDIO PACKAGE:

Here's the scoop:
30 Minute Studio Sessions
Studio Only
One quick clothing change
Up to 2 people
$375, includes $325 print credit. (Can not be applied to speciality items, mounts, or albums)

These will be available for a limited time only and by appointment only. Sessions in studio starting June 1st. Remember, even though I am in the studio, I am still only planning to book 2 sessions per week - at the most- so call now if you would like a coveted spring or summer spot. 603-991-8282.

The new studio is located in the Tannery Marketplace on Saranac Street in Littleton. Surrounded by artists, antique dealers, massage therapists (I think I have my breaks all booked up) and other entrepreneurs, my studio is located on the second floor , last door on the left. My main shooting area will be white with a white couch and hard wood floor. I will have a gazillion fabrics, pillows and backdrops to use, toys to play with, and comfy furniture for Mom and Dad to relax on while I charm your little cuties. There will be an area for ordering sessions with a large monitor I've purchased so you can see your images as big as life. The waiting/ ordering area will be decorated with samples of my work in different sizes, arrangements, and mounts so that you can see and touch all the options I offer for your own images.

Am I dreaming?????

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Do You Facebook?

I could make fun of Facebook all day, really, it's a quirky thing. But in the end, I meet interesting people there and have access to the lives of my friends across the world that I would never have otherwise. I think it's actually quite cool! You can find me on Facebook by typing in Allison Fuller Gaulin. I also have a group, Alli Gaulin Photography. Be my friend!!

I just started a new album on Facebook titled 365 Project. I took this on about a week ago, I had this feeling that I was on some sort of crazy time machine where you could only go ahead at the speed of light. The kids are changing, every day they morph into something they weren't the day before. It's hard to keep up, it's hard to manage the moments when generally we love time to pass, but maybe not certain moments, just certain ones, the ones that make our breath stop for just a minute, the ones that make us take in the sounds and the smells and the sights of the place we dwell in, the people we share time with, kwim? Have you ever had one of those moments, where suddenly your senses become extreme and your heart wants to burst and you just love? So I'm taking on this project that will keep me pointing my lens at those people in my life that cause me to have those moments, every day, 365 photos a year.

Won't it be fun? So I won't share a ton of them here, there just isn't time to, but you can catch them in my 365 Project album on Facebook if you are interested. And every now and then I will post one I love.

This one I love. And you may think this is an image of Ella, but it's not. This image is about Grace. She designed this set for a photo shoot she wanted to do with Ella this afternoon. In fact, I bet the mess is still out there in my red room, darnit. (That's what we call our RED room.) Anyway, it was such a good idea that I stole it from her. And in one breath I captured Ella's new outfit and her crazy princess/I'm being a snot/ aren't I cute anyway pose, AND the start of Grace's career as a most creative photographer. I love it.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Celebrating Motherhood..and Warmth {New Hampshire Children's Photographer}

Last year on Mother's day my family took me to play mini golf at Hobo Golf in Lincoln. Afterward we met up with our friends the K family, (this is Mama K and Baby K from a few years ago, I adore this picture of them!) We have a tradition of going to the Dairy Bar for lunch with our precious friends and then to the coolest playground ever and watching the kids play until the sun sets. The good news here is that Mother's Day is coming and if Mother's day is coming soon, that means that sunny warm weather good enough to eat ice cream and play mini golf is coming soon too, and that is cause for celebration. celebrate Moms and warm sunny days I am going to run a special, well two specials actually. I don't do specials too often, so you will know that this special is really really special. If you book a Mom's Day Session- which is really just a family or child session- I will be happy to design you a 10x20 custom storyboard for free. 10x20 Custom Storyboards are normally $155, so this is a BIG special. You must book your session prior to April 15th but the session can be completed anytime prior to July 30th.

And there's more. Dad's, if you buy your treasured wife a gift certificate for Mom's Day, I will give you the session for free. So, you buy a gift certificate in the amount of any package, you get the session for free. That is worth $100, so it is indeed a very special special. Gift certificates must be purchased by April 15th.

So to summarize, if you book a session now and purchase a package of your choice for yourself (Moms) or your dear wife, (Dads) you will save $255. How cool is that?!

Now just to let you in on a little secret- the Moms Day Special can be purchased for yourself, Moms. So don't necessarily think that you have to get Dad in gear for this. If you were already thinking about booking a session, now would be the time to do it.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Tiny Princess {New Hampshire Newborn Photographer}

*Sigh* Doesn't she just make you go, awwww? Meet sweet sweet Baby J from another newborn casting call session. I am so happy I did the casting call! It gives me the great privelge of sitting with new Moms and hearing their baby stories, chatting about life and tiny fresh humans. And then I get to hold little babies too which is just...*sigh*...sweet.

And this is Big Sister S. When she took me by the hand over to the shooting area, I of course had to play a little. Isn't she beautiful? And such a great big sister!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

New Photobooks {Littleton, Hanover, Concord Family Photographer}

Do you love the UPS guy like I love the UPS guy? Like does your heart flutter when you see him come up the drive, bearing goodies with a smile? His brown jacket and pants looking so snazzy against the gray sky? I've got it bad. I love that guy. Or girl. Or whoever brings me stuff. Last week my guy brought me this and I could have kissed him.

This is a Photobook. It is a completely custom coffee table book starring....your precious little ones. It has lay flat thick glossy pages, and a custom wraparound cover. Wow, I am in love with this book!

Disclaimer: You may have noticed that I am not much of a product photographer. That's okay though, because you can see this book in person at your ordering session.