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Friday, May 30, 2008

Some FUN stuff to Share

So I really should be working. I have a ton of work to do and I am way way way behind, but these could just not sit in my computer without any attention. I really wanted to work for just me today, so my little sweet things agreed after I bribed them with icecream.

Look at this adorable little dress! (It is handmade at The Scarlet Stitch. (The link is to your right under shopping) Oh my, check out this designer, they make some adorable things! (And they are so darn reasonably priced, too!))

I was also experimenting with different color treatments and textures. This one has a vintage treatment and an old picture texture added.
Would ya look at my handsome little man? I think he is getting really good at being a model!

And my little mini top model who was ever so helpful and sweet and fabulous today! Thank you Honey!
I think I've had it with blogger!! I put spaces between these pics and arranged them how I want them, but they just pop back into the place they want to be...if anyone would like to suggest a better Blog place, please do! I want one where my pics can be really BIG and where I have control over how my posts look!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Sneak Peek for the E Family

Here you are, E Family- and what a beautiful family you are! This was such a blast- everyone was totally willing to do everything I asked them and they actually seemed to ENJOY doing it!

And Mr E- I love how you love Mrs. E!! (They thought I was shooting the kids when I saw him sweep her up and just love on her.) These days it is a rare thing to see a hubby adore his wife and it made me happy to just be around them!

And I had to add one in of Tanner, who was the kind of dog that (almost) made me want one of my own! :)

Monday, May 19, 2008


I have been meaning to spotlight some of my photographer friends, aka the Pixel Chicks, for some time now. So, over the weekend I was looking out my front window at our cherry tree, noticing that it's pink blossoms were brilliant in bloom and at it's peek moment. I've had this idea for awhile of Grace in a white dress and a straw hat, sitting under that tree. The funny thing was, as I was dreaming up this shot and getting Grace into her dress I realized that this shot was my inner Hayley coming out. I am truly inspired by my friend who is a true artist, so her style pops into my head and sometimes morphs into what I want my own to be. So... Hayley is my first Pixel Chicks spotlight photographer! I encourage you to check out her art, grab a cup of coffee and have a comfy seat, you may want to stay awhile.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Simply Delightful

What can I say about these 2? Q and F, I truly enjoyed every minute of our session on Friday. I am blessed to have been able to see this brother love on his little sweet sister, it was a delightful thing and I can only hope that my children develop that kind of love for each other someday. You both must make your Mama so proud!!!!

Here are just a few of the gazillions of great shots I got the other day. There is lots and lots more to come!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Project Childhood

Project Childhood is about creating a unified front among professional photographers in order to accomplish one goal: TO CELEBRATE CHILDHOOD." And celebrate we did, in the energy and enthusiasm of this beautiful little girl, Miss "S."

Miss "S", you are BEAUTIFUL. I thank you so much for giving me a little bit of you this past weekend, I thoroughly enjoyed our time together. Enjoy your sneak peek!!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

Did you have a good day? My Hubby says that the one thing that can really ruin a Mother's Day is the kids. Is that true ya think? Maybe, but mine were pretty decent today, so I must say that they did not ruin it, in fact, they most definitely added to it's charm. Besides the perfectly blue skies, my yummy breakfast in bed, and a day with no chores, they were mostly quite pleasant. Grace was up at the crack of dawn to make sure that everything was in place for my french toast breakfast in bed, and I just soaked in all that love she gave with her attention and her homeade gifts. I also got some great scribbled-on note book paper from Max and Ella too.

Then we spent the afternoon at Hobo Golf. It was fun. They let me bring my camera as long as I didn't ask them to pose at all.

Ella's lesson

Oops, wrong kind of golf, El!

Look at that putt!
I did it!! Oh my, she had as cracking up. That kid enjoyed every minute of putt-putt.

This is Grace smiling. She's just gotten a hole in 2!!

Max is a natural, like his Dad.

Grace is pleading her case against Ella. According to Daddy's scorecard, Ella is leading with all holes in 1. Grace is highly competitive and can't stand for that.
What's a Mother's Day without a battle?
This battle begins wth Daddy pitted against the iron clad will of Ella. She refuses to putt from the proper place, but Daddy thinks she needs to learn proper putt-putt regulations.
The battle rages on.
Huh. Would ya look at that...Daddy wins. She putts properly. Daddy is proud. I am impressed at Hubby's superior parenting skills. Though I would have fought to the death, there would have been much more weeping and gnashing of teeth, maybe even some blood, and most definitely a scene, had I been in charge of this operation.

And this is the only pic of the three of them together, so I put it in even if it is 2/3rd butt. (And yes we use the word butt in our home. I am not sure why so many Moms are shocked by our use of this little word.)

After putt putt we went to the Dairy Bar with our dear friends the Kroegers. This is Katherine.

Ella: "Katherine, I have been meaning to tell you..."
".... I LOVE your shoes. Where did you get them?"
Katherine: "Oh, aren't they so cute? I got them in red, too."

The Kroeger Family is a full quiver- 6 full fledged little people with another one on the way.
This is Tristan and Celine.
Celine again
And Elise
I am missing Randon and Shaddy.
Baby #7 is a boy!