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Friday, October 2, 2009

Featured Family {New Hampshire Family Photographer}

I loved shooting this beautiful family a few weeks ago and wanted to share one of my favorite sessions with you. This family is beautiful, I am sure you will agree. But they are more than just pretty on the outside, they really enjoy being together, laughing, and playing as a family. It was a joy to capture the true essence of these sweet little girls and their handsome Dad and gorgeous Mom. And the little mini people, couldn't you just eat them up? They are full of personality and beauty all wrapped up in a teeny adorable package.

This session truly represents the essence of my art, of the heart of my work, of the blessing I have and hope to be, of capturing a family just being and make it into something that is beautiful to look at. My hope is that I create images that makes a Mom and Dad's heart smile whenever they see the sweetness of their relationship and the honesty in capturing their most precious treasures just as they are at that moment in time.

"You have two choices when deciding on a photographer for your child - Do I want images of WHAT my child looks like or do I want images of WHO my child is?" ~Nadia Smith


Amanda said...

beautiful work! and I loveLOVE the quote!

Kristen said...

Thank you for giving us such a special piece of time to treasure for the rest of our lives! They are only this age once and now I can keep them least in a photo :-)

You're amazing Alli!

The Weir Family

Yvonne said...

What a great session! Beautiful work!

Hayley said...

Beautiful Session Ali!! :)

meggie said...

So so so special Alli!!!! Love this!

Danna said...

absolutely one of the most beautiful sessions I have seen! Stunning!

Kara May said...

Gorgeous! Love your locations - stunning!

Shannon said...

Great locations -- just stunning images.