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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Check out the New Contest : $200 Prize!!!!

Who's the Cutest Kid EVERRRRRR??

Let's Have Some Fun! How About I Give You $200?

Do you have an adorable (and cooperative) child between the ages of 6 months and 10 years? Would you love to get a FREE custom portrait session, which would be like me handing you a $100 bill to spend on artwork? Would you ALSO like to get a $100 gift certificate to Scooter Britches to outfit your cutest cutie pie? Well then, this is the contest for YOU.

Entering is super duper simple. Send me a web sized image of your cutest cutie pie. Write on the e-mail that you are giving me permission to use your image and that you are the photographer and have permission to use the image. The image must be a snapshot, no professional photographer images please. My Chicks will narrow it down to the top three images. Then you will need to get as many (unique) people to leave a comment as possible. The image with the most user comments wins. You must have at least 15 comments to win. Every person who comments will be given a FREE 5x7 if they book a session within 24 hours of the end of the contest. (A $45 value)

Deadlines: Get your image to me by September 8th. Top three will be on the blog by September 10th. Comments closed on September 12th at midnight. Winner announced on the blog September 13th. Winning Session must be booked prior to November 10th.

The Fine Print: I get to choose the location and the setup. You need to be willing to meet all provisions of my contract including the minimum order. Please plan on having fun and getting great images for your Christmas cards and Christmas gifts.

And let me just say, it's a good thing my kid isn't eligible!


Anonymous said...

Really, that's not fair! Oh, but the pictures can't be a professional picture, so that's why they are eliminated! I understand completely now. It has absolutely nothing to do with them being the cutest children in all of the world,so no one else would stand a chance, right? Love to you Alli. -Mom-

Amanda said...

LOVE that shot!!

Hayley said...

This picture cracks me up! :) So adorable!!

Nicole said...

she is absolutely adorable!