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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Nebraska Photographer Hits it Big on the Today show

Love this photog's work. And you know what, I do newborn work like this! Moms to be, if you would love to have photographs like this of your precious teeny fresh human, please call to book your session now. In honor of Tracy's HUGE success, I will be offering a free session for any newborn under 14 days old if you book between now and February 28th. All other contract provisions will apply.

And check out the fabulous work this photographer does- IF you can get on her site, which apparently, after her Today show debut, her overloaded server rebelled and it became quite the feat.

Tracy Raver Today Show Interview
Congratulations Tracy!

See my website for more newborn work.


Anonymous said...

Your work is just as beautiful if not more so. She was so fortunate to catch that lucky break to be on the Today Show. I wonder when the other morning news shows will be looking for the same type of story and if it will be here in the north east and New England states? Maybe your photographs wil be next !

Ali said...

That hat is so adorable! Beautiful portrait Alli.

kate said...

that newborn is SOOOO precious! amazing work!