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Sunday, February 3, 2008

Meeting David Jay

I spent the day today gleaning all kinds of brilliant words of wisdom from THE David Jay, world renowned wedding photographer, in his marketing/ workflow seminar in Concord. And though I have said many many times in the past that I will NOT, no way no how not ever do weddings, I might now be persuaded to do a bitty one. Maybe. He is so flippin amazing!!!!!!! Check out his site but bring a tissue, b/c if weddings make you cry, his site will make you sob.....

And as if meeting David Jay wasn't enough, I also got to spend the day with another of my favorite photographers of all time, my good friend, Megan Peck. She drove in from Massachussettes. Luv ya Megan!!

Here we are... (this was taken w/ a camera phone)

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